Elly Neonball: playable prototype!

In early 2017 we decided to create a small game with a strict timeline: about 1 month.

We already had an unused sandbox from years before, an experiment dealing with Characters and Mobs infused with an "Element" (a "Matter"):

  • the Player started "clean" but could absorb Matter from Sources/Springs,
  • the Mobs were all tied to a specific Matter
  • while the Player was tied to a Matter, the relative Mobs were friendly and could grant buffs
  • otherwise, they were hostile and could apply debuffs
  • the Mobs themselves were friendly or hostile to each other, according to their own Matter

I liked this mechanic, the code worked, so I decided to use it as a foundation for this game.

After a little more than 1 month, the engine was mostly there, but designing the demo level took much more than we initially estimated, and we ran out of time: project was frozen, and we had to go back to other juicy stuff.

A few months later, we worked on this a bit more, tested it, and… left it there, ready to be expanded, but still low in the priority list.

Fast forward to early 2019, I realised there was no reason not to release this "as-is" as a small prototype, so I wrapped it up, fixed a few things, and here it is!

We will get back to it eventually, for now you can freely play this small demo and leave us a few comments if you like : )


Elly Neonball 0.4.5.dmg 46 MB
Feb 07, 2019
Elly Neonball-0.4.5-linux.zip 42 MB
Feb 07, 2019
Elly Neonball-0.4.5-win.zip 42 MB
Feb 07, 2019

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