A downloadable prototype for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A prototype we've built in early 2017.

We'll use it to create a full-fledged game eventually, but for now you can play this rough draft.

While technically there is a working first-person mode, keep in mind it's there for aesthetic purposes only: the game is supposed to be played in third-person view for now.

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Elly Neonball 0.4.5.dmg 46 MB
Elly Neonball-0.4.5-linux.zip 42 MB
Elly Neonball-0.4.5-win.zip 42 MB
Elly Neonball-0.4.5-win32.zip 39 MB

Development log


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Interesting concept looking forward to see further development. What will the main "colours" power be ? 


Current are: red=jump, blue=push&dot, green=freeze.

There are likely a few other powers planned, but I'd have to find the design doc first…