Ork Manager on Kickstarter!

We're pleased to announce that Ork Manager is now live on Kickstarter!

--> Follow this link 🎩 <--

After working on full time for two years, now it's ready to get the funding for the following phase.

The game is already online and playable: you can have a look if you want, there's a Free Trial!

What’s this game?

  • You create your Team of Gentlemonsters 🎩
  • Their sport is The Brawl: they beat each other up, who knocks out most opponents wins the match! (Team management)
  • You turn your supporters into squatters ⚔️
  • The squatters fight for the control of Districts, Cities… Provinces! (Strategy, war)
  • Set up a Mining Company, gather Resources ⛑
  • Design and craft new weapons, trade in the Financial Market

Improving the layout is one of our current priorities.

How is it different?

  • It’s designed to not to stress players, allowing to only connect twice a week and still perform optimally.
  • There are no “night raids”: everything happens so slowly that even if you react a few days later it’s still fine 👍
  • There are no “noob shields” that ruin immersion: you’ll be protected by your liege!
  • No NPCs, no vendors… all of the economy is entirely player‑driven ⚖️
  • There’s no sharding: everyone plays together on the same server.
  • No resets: this is one long game with no final winner, what you do is forever part of its history 🧐

The ranking at the end of season 5.

So, what are you waiting for, click and back it!

Get Ork Manager: Coal & Top hats

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