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Coal & Top hats

There's no offside here, no rucks, no nets… 
Just maces, and broken bones, and blades covered in blood, and pointy spikes, and skulls. 
And tentacles
There's victory and defeat. There's glory and shame. 
There are squatters, and mines, and forges, and markets. 
There are kings, and chiefs, and sedition, and Teams. 
There is YOU.

Teams… and feudal wars

Ork Manager: Coal & Top hats is a management game, dealing in teams and in feudal wars.

The core, in a nutshell:

  • You'll create a Team, competing in a League.
  • The Team will gain Supporters.
  • You will turn Supporters into Squatters, and fight for the control of Arenas.
  • Having most Arenas in a City you'll become Mayor, and the other Chiefs will be your vassals.


  • Design and create your Weapons and Armours.
  • Buy and sell Brawlers at the Auction House.
  • Send Miners to gather Resources.
  • Trade Resources at the Marketplace.

Click HERE to PLAY!


Ork Manager- Coal & Top hats.webloc 251 bytes
Ork Manager- Coal & Top hats.url 54 bytes

Install instructions

Download the file and double-click it: it should automatically open your default browser to the Ork Manager site.

You'll simply play it there, bookmark it, and you can safely delete the file you just downloaded.

Or just go to omct.orkmanager.com and skip the download altogether 😅

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